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Check our the Yardstick Coffee Journal!

Spill the Beans: Ettore Scagliola of La Marzocco talks Handmade

Last March, the inaugural Spill the Beans session covered the topic 'Handmade'. Four very experienced speakers from various fields took the floor to share their thoughts and answered questions from the audience. We were very fortunate to have Ettore Scagliola, After Sales Specialist of La Marzocco, in town to share more about the brand and what he does.

Below is Ettore's take on 'Handmade'. The full recap can be read here.

Our next Spill the Beans session will be held on Oct. 7 in Acceler8 and we're talking about Design Thinking with four esteemed guests. Get your tickets now via this link.

We're happily and proudly hosting the Spill the Beans events with PURVEYR.

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