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Get Fresh Coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep with our Coffee Subscriptions! Subscribe Today!
Get Fresh Coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep with our Coffee Subscriptions! Subscribe Today!

*Cafe Supply

  • From the beginning, we have been relentless in sourcing the best coffees available to us. Every time we taste an exception coffee from a particular origin, we get very excited to share with with you. We have a range of coffee blends and single-origin coffees available for wholesale. Do get in touch so we can arrange a tasting for you. Our latest coffees can be found here.
  • All the coffees that we source require a certain type of roast to bring out its nuances. Our roasting philosophy has always been about letting the coffee shine in the cup. We have implemented strict roasting practices, protocols and systems to ensure that you get a consistently tasty cup of coffee. Every batch of coffee is tracked and meticulously cupped. We only roast all coffees to order to ensure freshness.
  • About
    • Apart from sourcing the best coffees, the other part of the equation is using reliable and robust equipment. We are happy to be the official distributors for La Marzocco, Modbar, Rocket Espresso, and Marco Beverage Systems in the Philippines. Every cafe or restaurant will have your own specific needs and we can tailor the right set of equipment to set your operational requirements and budget. One thing for sure is that there will be no compromises. 
  • 3.1.1 La Marzocco 
    • Short description: La Marzocco has been the leader in espresso machine innovations since 1927 – with the first double boiler, the first saturated grouphead, the first to commercially use PID controllers, and the first to introduce fully programmable pressure profiling.
    • Website: LINK
  • 3.1.2 Modbar
    • Short description: Modbar allows us to have the entire coffee preparation experience on display. From the moment the order is placed, to the moment the coffee is served, everything will be totally visible to the customer. We see this bar design as part of the evolution of the specialty coffee service experience.
    • Website: LINK
  • 3.1.3 Rocket Espresso
    • Short description: Rocket Espresso produces both premium home and commercial espresso machines, beautifully made with meticulous care and attention to detail. Their machines will deliver the finest espresso in the cup, time after time.
    • Website: LINK
  • 3.1.4 Marco Beverage Systems 
    • Marco Beverage Systems is a leading hot water deliver systems company specialising in providing hot water delivery systems, creative ideas and solutions to coffee brewers and tea brewers in the Food & Beverage Industry around the world.
    • Website: LINK