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Save as much as Php 1600 with our Summer Bundles! Check them out HERE.

Flavor Bar - Guest Shift: Lonich (Japan) FAQ

Flavor Bar - Guest Shift: Lonich (Japan) FAQ

What is the Flavor Bar?
The Flavor Bar is Yardstick’s intimate tasting experience where coffee drinkers and enthusiasts get to explore various flavors through a tasting menu. The menu
changes seasonally.

Who is Lonich?
Based out of Kuramae, Tokyo, LONICH showcases the finest coffees from around
the globe.

Learn more about LONICH here:

We are happy to have Lonich as our guest barista at the Flavor Bar from June 5-8, 2024.

Why do I need to make a reservation in advance?
The baristas will need to prepare some ingredients and beverage in advance for
each session. The reservation ensures that we have significant time to prepare,
while also minimizing wastage to ensure the best possible experience for each
Flavor Bar guest.

What is the Creative Coffee Tasting Course?
The Creative Coffee Tasting Course is a 30-45 minute tasting session by Lonich
- 2 Signature beverages
- 1 Filter coffee
- A special Japanese snack.
Expect to be amazed with the flavors presented during the course.

What is the Geisha Pour Over Sessions?
The best coffees in the world, brewed expertly by the baristas from Lonich.

What's On The List:
- Panama El Pergamino Geisha Washed & Natural: PHP 3,000
- Panama Longboard Misty Mountain Geisha Washed Lot No. 4&5: PHP 4,800
- Panama Carmen Geisha Washed & Natural: PHP 2,500
- 2 cups (120ml) companion set

When you book via the reservation site, you are only paying a deposit, and the
balance will be paid on the day itself depending on your coffee selection.

Do you have other sessions available?
Apart from the special sessions by Lonich, we do have a Full Flavor Bar Experience and a Single-Cup Pour Over session, which you may read about via the reservation link.

How can I make a reservation?
You may make a reservation via this link:

Is the reservation just for one person?
Yes, each reservation is for one person only. You may add additional guests via the reservation link.

Who do I contact for more information?
Please contact our team via for more information.