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Check out the Yardstick Coffee Journal!
Check our the Yardstick Coffee Journal!

How to Brew: Batch Brew Coffee Maker


  • Weight out 80g of whole bean coffee and pour 1,200g of water into the water reservoir of your coffee maker. This gives you a 1:15 ratio of coffee to water.
  • Grind the coffee using a coarse setting. 27 clicks on the Comandante grinder.
  • You may pre-heat the carafe of your coffee maker for better results. Also, pre-rinsing the paper filter also helps.
  • Turn on the power to start the brewing process.
  • The total brew time should be between 4-6 minutes. Enjoy and share!

Recommended For:

Those who enjoys hosting people at home to have coffee parties.

Ideal Coffees:

Any coffees from our Single Origin filter range.