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Get Fresh Coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep with our Coffee Subscriptions! Subscribe Today!
Get Fresh Coffee beans delivered right to your doorstep with our Coffee Subscriptions! Subscribe Today!

What We Do

Yardstick is a coffee company at heart. We just want to focus on one thing - coffee. Some call it obsession, some say it's passion. We take small steps; but at times, we take that leap. It is never about us; it will always be about the coffee and the relationships we make along our journey.

Specialty Coffee Supply: We source and roast only the best coffees out there. Seasonal coffees are available for espresso and filter. If you run your own cafe or restaurant, hit us up and we will share how we can together elevate your coffee program.

Machines & Equipment: Proper machines are the enablers to deliver that perfect cup of coffee. We have a range of coffee equipment for your home, business or office. We are the official distributors for La Marzocco, Rocket Espresso, Alpha Dominche & Marco Beverage Systems.

Coffee Bar & Showroom: Our space in Legaspi Village, Makati is the perfect venue for you to experience our coffee. Everyday, there are at least five different coffees for you to choose from. Also, the space displays all our machines, equipment and brewing tools for you to browse and try.

Workshops & Training: Whether you are a professional, an avid coffee drinker or a budding coffee shop owner, we have the right workshop for you. Lifestyle and professional modules are available every month. Corporate events can also be arranged. The latest schedule is on our Online Store.

SCA Certification: Certification through education equips you with the skill set and knowledge. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is internationally regcognized in the hospitality industry. We have Authorized SCA Trainers that conduct regular certification courses.

Online Store: You can have coffees, brewers and tools delivered right to your doorstep via our Online Store. Also, reservations for our workshops is easily done online. We can ship all of our products online nationwide, all year round. Shop now by visiting

Click here to visit us in our coffee bars!