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Check out the Yardstick Coffee Journal!
Check our the Yardstick Coffee Journal!

La Marzocco Local Recap

It's not everyday that we are able to make great coffee and engage the community alongside our industry peers. The inaugural La Marzocco Local event in Manila was hosted by Cartel Deli in Salcedo Village. It featured coffees from Melbourne-based Seven Seeds and Manila-based, Yardstick Coffee! Josh Wilson, Head Bar Manager of Seven Seeds, was pulling shots behind the white FB80, serving their Golden Gate Espresso Blend and Yardstick's Golden Ticket. It was a duo of Golden blends indeed!

Apart from that, guests were treated to some avocado toast to stay true to the day's Melbourne-inspired theme. Josh gave an extra treat by showing his latte art skills on the La Marzocco Linea Mini on display!

It was a great day and we cannot be more grateful for everyone that came by. We promise, this will not be the last!

Check out the video recap and photos below! 

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