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Den Ocampo on How Generosity Can Fuel Your Coffee Influencing

Den Ocampo on How Generosity Can Fuel Your Coffee Influencing

"It was never my intention to become an 'influencer," Denise admits, "I simply enjoyed exploring the world of third-wave cafes." In 2016, Denise Ocampo started sharing her coffee adventures on Instagram, finding joy in capturing the essence of these third spaces. While her initial posts were meant as personal mementos, they resonated with a growing audience. Denise’s dedication to authenticity and her infectious enthusiasm for coffee drew a loyal following.

Her journey into the world of coffee wasn't meticulously planned. It began organically, fueled by a genuine love for exploring the burgeoning specialty coffee scene in the Philippines. 

A Day in the Life of the OG Coffee Influencer

Denise Ocampo’s schedule is anything but routine. "I don't do content creation full-time," she explains, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy balance. "One thing I like about my lifestyle is that no day is the same." This flexibility allows her to explore hidden coffee gems and capture the essence of Philippine coffee culture for her audience.

Imagine Denise, bustling through a day filled with creative energy. One moment she might be collaborating with a local roaster, the next she's editing photos at a quaint cafe. The constant juggling act can be demanding, but Denise thrives on spontaneity. 

"The world will not adjust to my needs," she says with a smile, "I need to adapt as quickly and efficiently as I can."



The Allure of Coffee Culture

What truly captivates Denise is the depth and vibrancy of the coffee world. "I'm no coffee sommelier," she humbly admits, "but I find the renaissance of cafes around the world most fascinating." For Denise, coffee shops are more than just places to grab a caffeine fix; they're spaces that offer unique experiences and reflect the values of a community. Every week, she sets her days seeking out cafes that promise an unforgettable experience. "This is why I find myself in a new coffee shop every week," she explains, her voice brimming with excitement, "I always look forward to sharing these experiences with my audience."

Staying True to the Bean

"I am selective with the content I put out," she clarifies. She prioritizes authenticity, collaborating with brands that resonate with her own taste. "I intend to stay true to my preferences over what is trending or viral," she says. This unwavering commitment to authenticity is what fosters genuine connections with her audience. "Authentic content brings in authentic engagement," Denise emphasizes, "find something you genuinely enjoy and love and build your content around it."

On Memorable Coffee-influencing stories

Denise’s journey as a coffee influencer has been brimming with unforgettable experiences. Collaborations with brands like Yardstick Coffee hold a special place in her heart. "I've lost count of the many times I've been with Yardstick," she reminisces fondly, "from store openings to pop-ups, it's always fun and engaging." In 2023, Denise’s passion was recognized when she became a Yardstick ambassador. "My 20-year-old self who has been a Yardstick regular wouldn't have expected she would make it this far," she beams.

So how does Denise stay abreast of the latest trends in the coffee industry? "I'm grateful for the connections I've built within the coffee community," she reveals. These connections serve as a valuable source of information, keeping her finger on the pulse of the ever-evolving coffee world. Social media also plays a role, but Denise emphasizes the importance of using it strategically. "Being chronically online (lol) helps a lot," she jokes, "but social media has more to offer than just aesthetics."

Building a Coffee Community

Denise Ocampo’s passion for coffee extends far beyond creating captivating content. She actively fosters a community around her shared love for the bean. "I may not always be responsive," she admits, "but I do try my best to engage with everyone as much as I can." The feedback and enthusiasm from her audience fuel her creative spirit. "The coffee community certainly did not start with me," she acknowledges, "but I'm proud to be a part of it." The sense of camaraderie and shared passion keeps Denise inspired.

So what's the secret to Denise’s visually stunning and informative coffee posts? 

"I'm a very spontaneous person." 

“I don't plan things ahead and most of the content I put out is a result of randomly filming and taking photos of anything I find interesting or aesthetically pleasing. I don't follow any conventional process of taking photos and videos - I just take out my phone and snap away. I don't mind taking way too many photos and videos, the more options I have, the better.” 

“The secret to my content really isn't a secret. It's something that everyone has access to and can take advantage of. That's why I love sitting by the window or the area where most people would avoid. I love natural sunlight. It keeps photos and videos bright, crisp, and natural-looking with minimal edits or none at all.”

“You don't always have to overdo a post - it just has to be intentional. Capture your audience with visually appealing photos and videos and support with information that adds value to the post.”

Denise Ocampo's approach to coffee influencing is a delightful blend of passion, authenticity, and generosity. She transcends the typical influencer mold, prioritizing quality content creation over chasing fleeting trends or empty metrics. 

Denise emphasizes the importance of dedication and consistency, but her secret ingredient seems to be generosity – a willingness to share her time, knowledge, and genuine enthusiasm for the coffee world. This generosity fosters a thriving online community and fuels Denise's own motivation. As she puts it, "' Content creation isn't just about posting for me,'" Denise explains, "'It's about long-term dedication, having a steady presence, and being generous. Generosity in a sense that content creators have to be generous with their time to provide quality content.'" It's this spirit of giving that sets her apart.

Every interaction, every follower who resonates with her content, is a validation of her passion and a motivator to keep brewing up captivating coffee experiences for the world to virtually enjoy. Denise's journey is a testament to the power of authenticity and generosity in the digital age, proving that Denise herself believes, "'the love and passion for what I do are enough to keep me motivated and generous.'" As cliche as it may sound, her passion shines through, inspiring others to follow their hearts and share their unique stories with the world. Denise Ocampo's story is a reminder that the sweetest success comes from sharing your passions with the world, one cup of coffee at a time.


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