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Kenya Kirimahiga AB

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Situated at 1,650 masl, this region is defined by its bright red soils, full of rich nutrients for coffee trees. The high altitude allows for ideal temperatures and rainfall for the slow maturation of coffee cherries. Once the cherries reach the mill, the coffee is washed with water from the Gondo River. After the cherries are pulped, the coffee is placed in large tanks to soak in water and ferment. This allows for the breakdown of the exterior mucilage, normally lasting overnight. The coffee is then spread evenly on raised tables to dry in the open sun until a targeted moisture content is reached.

FLAVOR NOTES: We taste Sweet Corn, Vanilla, Black Tea & Honey Dew. Butter. It is best brewed as a Pour-over or with an Aeropress.

    • Origin: Murang’a County
    • Process: Fully-Washed
    • Varietal: : Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34